Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life in Big Sky country

Well we are still currently in Billings, MT. Bobby is only working 4 days a week. This gives us a lot more family time and I'm loving it. So far this weekend we have taken the kids fishing. Landon learned how to bait his own hook, cast, and take his own fish off. When I was 6 there was no way that I would have touched a work and especially would not have poked it and smashed it on a hook. He was so proud of himself. Today we are lucky enough to to be able to have a crab boil with some of our good friends. So as you can see our weekends have been great since Bobby hasn't had to work his usual 7/12's. We aren't sure how much longer we will be here at this point so trying to enjoy everything Montana has to offer at every chance we get.

     I can't believe Landon is almost 7 and going into the 1st grade. Seems just like yesterday that he was my tiny baby. They grow so fast. He will be starting school here in Billings as long as we are still here by Aug 25th.  His Lully and Pops (my parents) sent him a backpack and lunch box the other day. He has been wearing it around like he might lose it if he doesn't :) I'm so excited to see how much he will learn this year in public school.

     My little Thumper Joe:) well he is still wild as ever but turning into such a big kid. He turned 4 this past march and doesn't talk anything like a toddler anymore. He is such a firecracker and I would love to find him a private preschool but with us not knowing how long we will be here I hate to take another kids spot if we are only here 2 weeks into the school year. So it looks like he will be home with his Mommy one more year. Which is ok with me. We will have a lot more time to spend together with Landon being in school. Since he is my middle child I have not had as much Mommy and Sladen time as I would like. So I think this will be a good thing for us. I am thinking however of finding a daycare with a preschool program and trying him in that 2 days a week so he can learn how to behave in a structured environment.

      The Duece is growing like a weed. He is starting to talk more and learning new words everyday. He also started blowing me kisses yesterday. Yesterday he turned 18mths old. I can't believe that my baby, my last child is no longer a baby but a toddler. Where does life go???? It seems when you know that your youngest is you very last child that they grow up so much faster than the others. Sawyer has become very brave. He used to always want to be with me no matter where I was. Now he will play on the campgrounds playground for hours and not worry with where I am at all. I don't feel near as needed.

I know my mother always tells me that life with my kids will just keep getting easier in ways as they grow but now I think I am wanting them to keep depending on me. What will I do with my time? I'm sure the more time I get to myself the more I will come to enjoy it. There are just so many mixed feelings. I will continue to post what the kids are doing and learning.

Since I'm new to the blogging you'll have to bear with me as I get the hang of it :)

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